The Handwritten Constitution by the Calligraphers

Конституция Российской Федерации
The idea of creating the first hand-made Constitution by the Calligraphers’ Union is tribute of respect to the history and traditions of our multinational community.


Constitution is a written document that establishes the fundamental political rules and principles of an autonomous political entity. Constitution also establishes the ideological, political and legal aspects of the state. This document is the superior legal force; all the laws of the state are subject to it.

Victor Saliev: «The project of writing of the Constitution of the Russian Federation by hand is worth of attention of any calligrapher, for whom such work is a great honor and an act of trust».



Handwritten Constitution of Russian Federation, which is being worked out by joint efforts of National Union of Calligraphers, PH “Rare book from St Petersburg” and team of International Exhibition of Calligraphy is destined to become an honorable symbol of reviving Russia and will be preserved for centuries. 



Victor Shapovalov: «The idea of Alexey Yurievich is striking in its grandiosity and monumentality! Certainly, each calligrapher and artist wouldn't want to stay away from such an exciting Project…»


Such project adds to bring up patriotism and love to Russia in the generation to come and is in great demand today. 


Georgy Kozubov and Nina Kozubova: «…All subjects of the Projects [team of the museum and exhibition complex] are there to support the problem of strengthening the status of the Russian state, building patriotism, and preservation of the national heritage …»


By turning to the history of Russian statehood we can’t but point out that Handwritten Constitution is not only the Principle State law Main,  enshrining judicial, political and ideological characteristics of the state, it is a historical and culture symbol of Russia.